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posh living on the edge of fashion - skipping on all that jazz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cheryl SHOE

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posh living on the edge of fashion [Feb. 14th, 2008|01:04 am]
Cheryl SHOE

yes, i did go to the spice girls concert last week and yes, it was just about one of the most incredible and unforgettable moments of my life. i am not ashamed to admit that, and i would also like to proudly state that the spice girls gave an amazing show! they played all the songs i wanted to hear! the glitter and the glam and the shininess was fabulous. however, the best part of all was the clothing!
oh come on, the spice girls had catchy music we all danced to back in the day, but much of their success owes to the careful marketing of their image. how can we ever forget ginger's form-fitting minidress with the british flag, scary's indulgent use of leopard print, baby's platforms or sporty's horrendous chav tracksuits - ugh! what always impressed me was victoria's smoking hot black dresses always with gorgeous skyscraper heels to match! the other girls were fun but posh was just so... posh!
it is impossible to ignore the bombardments of media stories regarding the annoyingly frivolous lives of celebrities every day, so i cannot help but carry minimal knowledge of say-- the questioning of vickie's breasts pushed nearly up to her chin or the tedious tracking of every pound she gains or loses. point is, no matter how close her headlights are to stabbing our eyes out, she is a shining fashion icon, perching luxuriously on the pedestal of bold and often questionable fashion statements. just look at the new marc jacobs campaign!

i personally adore it, it teeters on edge of class, but daringly dips its toe in a cheeky sort of lewdness. it is not taking itself too seriously, and the image of posh's legs spread wantonly out of the bag with those impossible shoes is just hilarious! it's cute enough to not go as shockingly brazen and sexualized as say... tom ford's perfume ads ->

i really don't think i am being too prudish in thinking that these go way too far. tom ford is my hero in many way- he's basically the manliest most attractive gay man alive and i long for nothing else this year (besides good grades and such, I GUESS) than a pair of his sunglasses. however, how blatantly misogynistic can this possibly get? i know he's going for some sort of irony or something, or understanding ford's work- likely even not - but these ads sort of go beyond that. this is probably old news at this point, but i came across these images pretty recently and in truth, they just grossed me out.
It's not remotely sexy, it's sweaty and awkward to look at - it's basically porn. but hey, if that's where the fashion industry is heading towards i guess? I feel like tom ford's new ads stand as a kind of controversial breakthrough in publicizing sex in the same way christina aguilera's "dirty" video did. I am just a bit wary about the newly flooded gates on this one.


[User Picture]From: emlan
2008-02-14 07:56 pm (UTC)
lmaop those perfume ads are hella trashy
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