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Cheryl SHOE

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clothes pretty enough to eat [Feb. 13th, 2008|09:29 pm]
Cheryl SHOE
my friend michal pointed out to me the fact that every time i write in my livejournal, i write several entries at once in a furious manner before slipping back again into obscurity. livejournal entries are like the hiccups in my life, rare but impossible to ignore.
every time i tumble back into livejournal with shaking feet, i clutch in sweaty hands a frivolous promise to remain faithful and come back more often. hopefully this time, i can own up to it (i've even bookmarked livejournal!)

i am bound again in yet another frenzied obsession: fashion. so from now on, i will discuss fashion and pretty clothes and pretty bags and other fantastically materialistic matters. i may throw in a philosophical discussion here and there, but don't hold your breath for those.

so these ads are absolutely delicious. the clothing are as cute and yummy as little frosted cupcakes, and i just adore the tights on this girl. of course, i would never put them on myself because unless you have long thin legs like hers, i'm fairly sure the spots would add pounds on your thighs. clearly the girl isn't enjoying the plethora of tasty goodies behind her.

even cuter? the composition of these pictures are lovely, and the ribbons draping off the tree add a great splash of colour to the otherwise darker more wintry clothing. i am in love with the dark-haired girl's style- sheer patterned knee highs with adorable shorts - i am definitely trying that come spring (blast the canadian snow!) her eyelashes are also wondrous; i think i should consider wearing fakes on a casual basis- and scare the hell out of everyone around me.