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the obligatory post about whether love exists - skipping on all that jazz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cheryl SHOE

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the obligatory post about whether love exists [Dec. 27th, 2007|02:44 am]
Cheryl SHOE
love thrives on the peaks of every bristle of a hair brush as it pioneers through the unmapped currents of hair.

romantic love sucks. marriage is a useless social tradition spurred on only by our conservative upbringings. in the modern age, individualism breathes on the pedestal. everything struggles towards individual change and relationships are only rungs on a ladder towards personal selfish fulfillment. they are dirtied by our muddy feet, clambered through with messy fingers and gasping breath. there is no true insight into the significance of every step, only the childlike golden goal of finding the self.

does love last? if human beings are conditioned by their ever present desire to better themselves through each rung on the ladder, do we ever settle on one single step where the view is satisfactory. did jack ever find a nice smooth leaf that he wanted to sit down on forever despite the little bug-eaten holes on the edges? no, we keep on climbing that beanstalk to get to the fucking top. no matter what that top entails. we don't give a shit about what the top is, we just want to get there for the sheer validation it gives us.
i hope a big evil bear with massive yellow teeth as sharp as knives sits at the top, claws stained with the blood; globs of smelly saliva dripping out of its mouth as its tongue throbs with the desire for the luscious meat of healthy selfish individuals.