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Cheryl SHOE

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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2008|03:11 pm]
Cheryl SHOE
i find it kind of funny what my love for the english language and my generally esl-ness has married into: me saying stuff like, " let's take a tryst downtown and get some ice-cream!"
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2008|01:47 am]
Cheryl SHOE
there is something so heart-wrenchingly beautiful about seeing your best friend glowing and happy and wanting that feeling to last forever and ever with her.
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2008|10:57 pm]
Cheryl SHOE
Look at me on livejournal! I find it kind of funny how I return to it so sporadically, but it's always been there for me I guess. I have pages upon pages of locked posts of writing and homework stuff that I may have to start on cleaning up a little, but who knows how long I'm actually going to stick with writing on this thing.

The summer has started and it's been nearly a month. It doesn't feel like summer yet though mainly because I've been working so much, and there hasn't been much space for good ol lazy times under the sun. All of my free time is sucked up by social commitments. Ohhhhh well.

I don't even have much to write here to be honest. It's strange because i constantly feel like my mind is pounding with thoughts, each one large and bright and obtrusive. But when i try to transfer it all onto paper, i just get well.. stuck. I can't think of anything to write, and everything just seems so obtuse and overly casual. I wish i had some deeply interesting things to share, philosophical meanderings of the mind and all, but once my fingers touch the keyboard I can't do anything but go on blithely about nothing. Mostly I complain about myself. So I'll stop now.
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the way one sleeps [Mar. 3rd, 2008|12:12 am]
Cheryl SHOE

i have recently started to sleep in my underwear. i hate wearing too much clothing when i sleep because it confines me. it mummifies my flesh during a time when dreams are supposed to lift me out of my body.
however, i cannot sleep naked because i have bits of me i want to conceal even when i'm alone in my room. it gives me a sense of safety, a kind of reassurance that despite the fact that most of me is exposed, i can hide what i want. i need that control. most of all, i would like to hide the fact that i am heart-achingly average.

i recently bought a 100% cashmere sweater in a horrendous baby blue colour; the kind of baby blue that isn't sweet and refreshing like the shade a mother would choose for a room after discovering her baby is a boy. it is a washed out blue, like a receding tide of gray water has dragged out some of the colour. it feels like heaven on my skin though, but not because it is soft like my torso is wrapped in clouds. i like that it feels posh and expensive, but i still stubbornly wear it as a pajama top.

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and this is when white bread dies [Feb. 24th, 2008|08:22 pm]
Cheryl SHOE

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MAKE-UP TIPS PLZ [Feb. 19th, 2008|08:25 pm]
Cheryl SHOE
[music |MSTRKRFT - easy love]

i have to be completely honest with something- i am addicted to make-up. i can spend hours in a sephora and M.A.C playing with the displays of endless colours and pigments and cute packaging. it probably has something to do with my love of art, but i can't help but see a face as a gorgeous natural canvas i can paint and paint on to my heart's content. now it is no secret to any artist that a very important part of creating a piece of art is the quality of the materials you use. no matter what your choice of palette is or what kind of end product you hope to achieve, as a painter, i share the love for the luxuriously soft sable brushes and rich globs of winsor and newton artist' oil colour (i made the switch from winton and it is basically impossible to go back).

when it comes to make-up the same rules apply, except it is probably more important because it is your face we're talking about. There are a billion concerns to worry about when it comes to the right products for make-up, we're looking at whether it would damage your natural beauty (bad make-up = awful for the skin),whether you can achieve the right look or whether it would even stay on when you finally do. however, no matter how expensive or fantastic the product, you have to make sure the canvas itself isn't ripped or marred in any way. therefore, moisturizing before you apply any make-up and carefully washing it off before going to bed is essential.

i am forever curious about what products out there are the best - trying the products on myself is a great way to experiment but it isn't exactly wallet-friendly. therefore, a lot of the tips and recommendations i get are from friends and the internet. these are the must-have products that are in my makeup bag now:

1. urban decay 24/7 eyeliner - these are intensely amazing. eyeliner is really essential to me; it's basically the first thing i put on the moment i get my contacts on. despite my love of cosmetics, i rarely put on too much makeup on a daily basis mainly because i'm 1. lazy and 2. lazy (i like to sleep in until the very last minute) however, i refuse to leave my room without liner and a gloss/balm. this is why the urban decay eyeliners are like lifesavers - they do not smudge and the creamy colours glide on smoothly without pulling at the skin.

2. M.A.C pressed powder - this powder is pretty good when i wake up in the morning and i feel really gross. i am lucky enough to be blessed with good skin. i don't own foundation or concealer and i have never felt the need to. in fact, most of the compliments i get from people are on my skin, so it isn't one of my major worries for now ( until several years later anyway) i rarely get blemishes and pimples and my skin tone is even, but i do get the slight ruddy redness on the nose sometimes and the shininess on the t-zone. therefore, the light pressed powder from M.A.C is a nice friend to have when you want a smoother more velvety finish to your skin.

3. fresh supernova mascara - ok, a major splurge on the high-end brand - but i couldn't help it! the tube is adorable and stylish and it makes my basically non-existent eyelashes look amazing. my eye lashes always look so lush and long after i apply this mascara, but it's mainly a party/look-super-hot-for-a-date thing for me because i'm too lazy with mascara. generally, it's messy (especially with short straight eyelashes like me), it's tough to wipe off, and i have dark hair anyway so i usually go without. this is also why after this bottle finishes (or more likely dries out), i'm planning on going for some basic drugstore brands instead.

4. M.A.C eyeshadow - is the best out there. enough said.

5. NARS blush - everyone who knows blushes knows that NARS is pretty much the best out there on that turf, especially with their apparently universally flattering 'orgasm' shade (which i have, but im contemplating the much darker 'torrid'). NARS always holds my respect for sleek minimalist packaging and guaranteed high-quality (as well as prices) but honestly, once you buy one of their products, you understand that it is well worth shelling out the extra cash. i haven't exactly gone beyond the blushes yet but i always play with their shadows whenever i pass by; plus i hear their glosses are fantastic too!

6. tarte cheek stain - i actually bought the set because i fell in love with the adorable plush purple box they came in, but these things live up to the hype. a good lasting stain that i actually end up using on my lips more than anything (with gloss on top) because i find they look a bit too streaky on my cheeks.

7. last but not least- LIPWEAR!!!!

a. M.A.C slimshine lipstick - i love the slimshines because i still haven't gotten over my childish fear of lipsticks- they always seem much too dark and rich. considering i've always preferred a nice nude or a simple clear gloss, the transition into those daring darker matte shades is very intimidating. this is why i love the slimshine lipstick because while it is CALLED a lipstick, it works more like a gloss than anything else. it's much more sheer, moisturizing and glossy and you can layer it on for higher intensity.

b. M.A.C tinted lip conditioner - this is a lovely tinted lip balm that moisturizes and softens your lips while providing for nice subtle colour. it is great for the daytime, i use it on its own whenever my lips feel a bit dry and it isn't sticky like other glosses.

c. fresh sugar lip gloss - another impulse expensive buy that was relatively satisfying (still a bit too pricey in my opinion) but the cute packaging won me over. this stuff is shiny but surprisingly non-sticky, a definite rarity in the world of glosses and a best friend to any girl who's suffered the constant hair-stuck-on-lip phenomenon.

Stuff i'd like to buy/look into:
1. Balmshell lipgloss - any Toronto-ian would be proud of the blond bombshell twins who created the new lipgloss. the tube is the most creative and adorable thing i've ever come across with the detachable keychain side. i see it at holt renfrew and sephora everytime i pass by and i always itch to fork out 25 dollars for it.
2. primers primers primers - ok, this is actually something i've never looked into because it seems like an unnecessary extra step in make-up, but now i'm hearing that it is an ESSENTIAL extra step and it really makes a difference. my next sephora purchase will probably be the famous urban decay eyeshadow primer and possibly the smashbox foundation primer (which is so expensive but does this miraculous job of filling in all the wrinkles you didn't even know you had to make your skin feel like satin)

getting back feedback would be awesome! i'd love to find out what everyone else is a fan of and get recommendations too! :)

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posh living on the edge of fashion [Feb. 14th, 2008|01:04 am]
Cheryl SHOE

yes, i did go to the spice girls concert last week and yes, it was just about one of the most incredible and unforgettable moments of my life. i am not ashamed to admit that, and i would also like to proudly state that the spice girls gave an amazing show! they played all the songs i wanted to hear! the glitter and the glam and the shininess was fabulous. however, the best part of all was the clothing!
oh come on, the spice girls had catchy music we all danced to back in the day, but much of their success owes to the careful marketing of their image. how can we ever forget ginger's form-fitting minidress with the british flag, scary's indulgent use of leopard print, baby's platforms or sporty's horrendous chav tracksuits - ugh! what always impressed me was victoria's smoking hot black dresses always with gorgeous skyscraper heels to match! the other girls were fun but posh was just so... posh!
it is impossible to ignore the bombardments of media stories regarding the annoyingly frivolous lives of celebrities every day, so i cannot help but carry minimal knowledge of say-- the questioning of vickie's breasts pushed nearly up to her chin or the tedious tracking of every pound she gains or loses. point is, no matter how close her headlights are to stabbing our eyes out, she is a shining fashion icon, perching luxuriously on the pedestal of bold and often questionable fashion statements. just look at the new marc jacobs campaign!

i personally adore it, it teeters on edge of class, but daringly dips its toe in a cheeky sort of lewdness. it is not taking itself too seriously, and the image of posh's legs spread wantonly out of the bag with those impossible shoes is just hilarious! it's cute enough to not go as shockingly brazen and sexualized as say... tom ford's perfume ads ->

beware pretty explicit images behind cutCollapse )

i really don't think i am being too prudish in thinking that these go way too far. tom ford is my hero in many way- he's basically the manliest most attractive gay man alive and i long for nothing else this year (besides good grades and such, I GUESS) than a pair of his sunglasses. however, how blatantly misogynistic can this possibly get? i know he's going for some sort of irony or something, or understanding ford's work- likely even not - but these ads sort of go beyond that. this is probably old news at this point, but i came across these images pretty recently and in truth, they just grossed me out.
It's not remotely sexy, it's sweaty and awkward to look at - it's basically porn. but hey, if that's where the fashion industry is heading towards i guess? I feel like tom ford's new ads stand as a kind of controversial breakthrough in publicizing sex in the same way christina aguilera's "dirty" video did. I am just a bit wary about the newly flooded gates on this one.

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clothes pretty enough to eat [Feb. 13th, 2008|09:29 pm]
Cheryl SHOE
my friend michal pointed out to me the fact that every time i write in my livejournal, i write several entries at once in a furious manner before slipping back again into obscurity. livejournal entries are like the hiccups in my life, rare but impossible to ignore.
every time i tumble back into livejournal with shaking feet, i clutch in sweaty hands a frivolous promise to remain faithful and come back more often. hopefully this time, i can own up to it (i've even bookmarked livejournal!)

i am bound again in yet another frenzied obsession: fashion. so from now on, i will discuss fashion and pretty clothes and pretty bags and other fantastically materialistic matters. i may throw in a philosophical discussion here and there, but don't hold your breath for those.

so these ads are absolutely delicious. the clothing are as cute and yummy as little frosted cupcakes, and i just adore the tights on this girl. of course, i would never put them on myself because unless you have long thin legs like hers, i'm fairly sure the spots would add pounds on your thighs. clearly the girl isn't enjoying the plethora of tasty goodies behind her.

even cuter? the composition of these pictures are lovely, and the ribbons draping off the tree add a great splash of colour to the otherwise darker more wintry clothing. i am in love with the dark-haired girl's style- sheer patterned knee highs with adorable shorts - i am definitely trying that come spring (blast the canadian snow!) her eyelashes are also wondrous; i think i should consider wearing fakes on a casual basis- and scare the hell out of everyone around me.
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2007|03:04 am]
Cheryl SHOE
isn't there something terribly endearing about the word "sock"?
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the obligatory post about whether love exists [Dec. 27th, 2007|02:44 am]
Cheryl SHOE
love thrives on the peaks of every bristle of a hair brush as it pioneers through the unmapped currents of hair.

romantic love sucks. marriage is a useless social tradition spurred on only by our conservative upbringings. in the modern age, individualism breathes on the pedestal. everything struggles towards individual change and relationships are only rungs on a ladder towards personal selfish fulfillment. they are dirtied by our muddy feet, clambered through with messy fingers and gasping breath. there is no true insight into the significance of every step, only the childlike golden goal of finding the self.

does love last? if human beings are conditioned by their ever present desire to better themselves through each rung on the ladder, do we ever settle on one single step where the view is satisfactory. did jack ever find a nice smooth leaf that he wanted to sit down on forever despite the little bug-eaten holes on the edges? no, we keep on climbing that beanstalk to get to the fucking top. no matter what that top entails. we don't give a shit about what the top is, we just want to get there for the sheer validation it gives us.
i hope a big evil bear with massive yellow teeth as sharp as knives sits at the top, claws stained with the blood; globs of smelly saliva dripping out of its mouth as its tongue throbs with the desire for the luscious meat of healthy selfish individuals.
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